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Aiming at low-price state of the art global premises control

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You have found the global premises control home page. In short: the global premises control system gives you maximum control over your home with the minimum of hardware expenses. Some of the already implemented features: remote control, switching of lights, playing sounds, alarmclock control. Some of the features in development: web interfaces (on the fly graphics of gpc sites), security control. The maintainer of the gpc source tree is <>. People who joined the development are <> and <> .
Current version is r0.3.3 (or pre-0.3.4 for freaks (not yet availbale))
The page got slightly updated (3 sep 99). Fixed some email adresses and the sites.html.
Schematics for input/output through your parallel port (or any ttl port) are online under the documentation section (#2).

1. Download

1.1. Direct download: gpc-0.3.1.tar.gz
1.2. Direct download: README.gpc-0.3.1
1.3. Direct download: gpc-pre-0.3.2.tar.gz
1.4. Direct download: README.gpc-pre-0.3.2
1.5. Direct download: gpc-pre-
1.6. Direct download: README.gpc-pre-
1.7. Direct download: gpc-0.3.3.tar.gz
1.8. Direct download: README.gpc-0.3.3
1.9. Browse: gpc-0.3.3 source tree
1.10. Direct download: Saytime prepared for gpc!

2. Documentation

2.1. README.gpc-0.3.1
2.3. README.install
2.4. README.upgrade
2.5. README.notify
2.6. README.server
2.7. README.client
2.8. README.lib
2.9. README.gpc-0.3.0
2.10. Schematics for i/o devices

3. Links

3.1. Global sites
3.1.1 Online global site!
3.1.2 Alternative for the above

3.2. Lirc, ir remote control schematics+linux drivers
3.2.1 The original page by Ralph Metzler
3.2.2 LIRC page by Jason. S. Kohles
3.2.3 LIRC page by Christoph Bartelmus